Data/Debt was my primary musical project for about 5 years. Combining dark techno synths, french house sampling techniques and disco rhythms. I released 2 EPs and a spate of singles and remixes with Heavy Disco Records and others.

I began experimenting with Propellerhead Reason and Ableton live in autumn 2008 while living in Buenos Aires. I was able to begin DJing there and started studying electronic music seriously.

California Special

My first releases and collaborations were adrift between genres, but I found a home sound with my first proper single, California Special, released in 2009. (Read a review on French Express →).

After its release I was lucky enough to get in touch with Danish producer Eumig & Chinon, who turned in an absolutely blistering dancefloor remix, which brought the tune to a much wider audience. (Read reviews on HypeMachine →)


I developed this sound further and released my first EP, 2033, a concept album about the advent of the rule of artificial intelligence, in 2010. (Read a review by Metrojolt →)

I was also fortunate to work with my friend, film director Alex Pelly on a music video for Resistor, the album’s dark, driving electro track.


In the following years I worked on remixes for various artists including B. Rich, Ali Jamieson, and David Harks, and began releasing singles in genres further afield. On a whim I released a dance-oriented rework of Daft Punk’s Make Love in anticipation of their then-unnannounced 2013 LP (later titled Random Access Memories).

Dead Pixel

In 2014 I began a remote collaboration with fellow producer Allen Walker of Egypt. This culminated in the release of our single Dead Pixel on Heavy Disco, a heavy uptempo dance number featuring Allen’s inimitable bass playing. (Read a review by Harder Blogger Faster →)


After a break, I finally finished and released a second EP, 2015’s Information, a further exploration of the AI apocalypse themes from 2033, and released on its 5-year anniversary. On this record I explored further genres like ambient, drum ‘n bass, and disco-house. (Read a review by Musique au Claire de Lune →)