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Hi! My name is Matthew and I am a electronics and software engineer, recording musician, and proprietor of Extralife Instruments. I enjoy all things D.I.Y. and have lived in San Francisco since 2011. On this website I share some of my projects. You can find some of my hardware, software, music, and videos below.


September 2023 / Blog / Photos
November 2022 / projects

I recently prototyped an interactive “trading desk” interface in CRT monochrome for use as an easily-customizable film prop for 1980’s-themed movie scenes.

September 2022 / projects
May 2022 / projects
January 2022 / projects

My new Studiologic keyboard is a great compact stage piano and synth, but it’s missing 1 key feature: fixed filter frequency control! I performed a quick circuit bend to make the joystick/modwheel mounted filter input more fine-adjustable with a simple rotary control.

October 2021 / Projects

I created a eurorack analog guitar synthesizer patch loosely based on the Moog Moogerfooger MF-107. It uses an envelope follower, a VCO with sync input, and a custom-made comparator fuzz designed in the 1970’s.