Super Sixteen Firmware update 1.2

Another update for Super Sixteen adds paraphonic sequencing, external mutation control, and more!

Super Sixteen users can now download and install the latest firmware to gain access to these exciting new features:

  • 3 new CV2 output modes - 2 paraphonic pitch modes (note and interval), and smoothed “LFO” mode (shift + CV knob)
  • Use “RESET” input as an external trigger for the mutate button (button 11 in calibrate mode)
  • “Audition” the selected note by triggering the gate output when the pitch is changed (shift + pitch knob)
  • 4 new mutations - chord, chord (quantized), sub osc (for use with CV2 paraphonic mode) and vibrato.

The firmware update is available on Github here →

A tutorial video an updated manual will be available soon!