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Hi! My name is Matthew and I am a electronics and software engineer, recording musician, and proprietor of Extralife Instruments. I enjoy all things D.I.Y. and have lived in San Francisco since 2011. On this website I share some of my projects. You can find some of my hardware, software, music, and videos below.


January 2021 / projects
June 2020 / Music

To celebrate my new sequencer I decided to record 10 of my favorite synth riffs as tracks using only my modular rig, some pedals, and a Bass Station II.

June 2020 / projects
June 2020 / Music

After many years of listening and contemplating it, I finally decided to dive in recreate Daft Punk’s classic acid house burner with my modular synth setup.

September 2019 / Projects

I’ve completed a DIY project modding the Korg Monotron for analog CV input. I have found some other descriptions of similar mods online, but so far as I know I’m the first to document the build on video or provide PCB layouts, so while monotron hacks may be old hat, I think this brings something new to the table.

September 2019 / blog

I spent the month of August up in Sequim, WA, working on rebuilding Tally Ho, a century-old wooden racing yacht, with its owner Leo and a crew of other volunteers.