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25 November / projects

I recently prototyped an interactive “trading desk” interface in CRT monochrome for use as an easily-customizable film prop for 1980’s-themed movie scenes.

09 September / projects
10 May / projects
10 January / projects

My new Studiologic keyboard is a great compact stage piano and synth, but it’s missing 1 key feature: fixed filter frequency control! I performed a quick circuit bend to make the joystick/modwheel mounted filter input more fine-adjustable with a simple rotary control.

19 October / Projects

I created a eurorack analog guitar synthesizer patch loosely based on the Moog Moogerfooger MF-107. It uses an envelope follower, a VCO with sync input, and a custom-made comparator fuzz designed in the 1970’s.

03 June / projects

I finally got hold of a pre-war Disston backsaw to do some proper woodworking joinery. First, I had to do some old-school wood and metalwork to restore it to cutting condition.

03 May / projects

In this video I built a super-simple all-wood eurorack synth case using only hand tools and reclaimed materials like pallet wood. I think it came out pretty well but the dimensions could’ve been improved!

04 March / projects
01 January / projects
15 June / projects
05 September / Projects

I’ve completed a DIY project modding the Korg Monotron for analog CV input. I have found some other descriptions of similar mods online, but so far as I know I’m the first to document the build on video or provide PCB layouts, so while monotron hacks may be old hat, I think this brings something new to the table.

15 June / projects

I built a new studio desk based on the Platform Desk by Output. It has a monitor shelf, rack space for audio gear, and a sliding keyboard tray, with all plywood construction. I drafted the cutout plans in QCAD and then produced a tutorial video.

27 May / Projects

Super Sixteen is an open-source hardware sequencer for the Eurorack synthesizer format. I’m developing it on the Arduino platform and documenting my progress in a free video series.

02 May / Projects
Muxcloud is a lightweight Soundcloud client, named after the late, great Muxtape, a progenitor of many streaming websites that followed. I built it both to serve my own interest as a user and as an exercise in learning React. It allows a user to connect their Soundcloud account and then listen in to their feed with a custom dashboard. Muxcloud adds power-user features like filtering your feed for reposts, remixes, and long sets, allowing bloggers and others to find new music without digging through endless reposts.
02 March / Projects

Xylobox is an open-source wavetable synthesizer built on the Axoloti prototyping platform. It was my first foray into electronics hardware and instrument design. It kick-started my interest in electrical engineering as well as sparking some interest in the Axoloti platform.

19 April / Projects

The APC Mono Sequencer is a maxforlive device which combines Cycling 74’s sequencer device with a dedicated hardware interface to Ableton’s APC40 controller. It combines a grid-based step sequencer with encoder controls for the attributes of each note.